May 2015

Vera Lynn Recalls VE Day

Vera Lynn Recalls VE Day

Dame Vera Lynn remembers the moment when the news of Germany's surrender and the end of the war in Europe was announced on 8th May 1945:

“When Churchill announced the unconditional surrender of Germany 70 years ago, I was amongst millions of people across the world that felt overwhelming relief and happiness that the war was finally over. I saw men and women, young and old, filling the streets to celebrate.

For some the war wasn’t quite over. Many were still in France and Germany as part of the occupying forces, and there was also the “Forgotten 14th” Army still fighting in Burma. When most of these men and women did come home there were difficulties faced by some as they became a civilian again. When we celebrate and remember the great day 70 years ago, we must keep those veterans in our hearts and support those who still need our help. ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has been there for them since they got home 70 years ago, and will be there for them whenever they need it.”

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