August 2015

Response to letter in the Daily Express

Response to letter in the Daily Express

​A Ietter to the editor of the Daily Express in response to the following letter in the Daily Express, dated 18th August.

"Like the writer of your letter (John Priston, Lancing, West Sussex, 18th August 2015), we see a number of injured veterans who have taken up or renewed a sporting passion - some of them at a highly competitive level. These positive stories are testament to the resilience, courage and strength of our Armed Forces, as well as the support of family, the Army recovery centre, and in many cases military charities.

We help over 5,000 individual soldiers, veterans or their families each year, and this can range from specialist mobility equipment to support for education or training. As the national charity of the British Army, we work closely with a number of the other major charities, as well as agencies and with the Army itself.

The small - but significant - number of injured soldiers deserve our support, as they come to terms with life-changing injuries. There are also a number of able-bodied veterans who struggle with returning to civilian life, and we are there for every single soldier in need. We must ensure our Service men and women can live in independence and dignity, and not be disadvantaged as a result of their service."

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

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