Where our money went in financial year 2016/17

A full breakdown of where our money goes and the kinds of organisations and individuals it has supported will be available here shortly.

Where our money goes48% Charitable Expenditure

Of which 19% comprised grants to over 4,500 individuals and families, covering all areas of need.

18% comprised grants to 92 charities and other organisations which deliver on our collective behalf.

And 11% on other direct enabling support to those in need.

25% ‘For Soldiers – For Life’ Safeguarding our Future.

As the Army’s National Charity, and therefore essentially its ‘Strategic Reserve’ against future unpredictable needs, we must be there for the long haul, especially in uncertain times, such as now.

27% Raising Funds and Trading Activities

Our Charity receives no government funding or revenues from service contracts – all our income has to be raised in various forms.

As we bear the cost of raising funds, our 92 partner charities, who receive our grants, are better able to focus on delivering services to those in need.