Why does ABF The Soldiers’ Charity exist?

We give a lifetime of support to soldiers and veterans from the British Army, and their immediate families, when they are in need. We make grants to individuals through their Regiments and Corps and support a wide range of specialist charities that sustain the British Army ‘family’, both at home and around the world.

We take pride in being responsive, making a difference at a critical point in peoples’ lives. We have been doing this since 1944, working with veterans of every conflict, and we envisage continuing doing so for the ‘long haul’ – supporting all future generations of our soldiers and their dependents.

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Our Vision

“That all soldiers, veterans and their immediate families should have the opportunity to avoid hardship and enjoy independence and dignity.”

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Some of our achievements in 2015-2016

  • Total charitable expenditure of £8.4 million, directly supporting nearly 5,000 individuals and funding 88 charities and organisations that delivered help on our collective behalf. Overall more than 80,000 people have been touched by our support – spread worldwide across 55 countries.
  • Last year our oldest beneficiary was 105, and our youngest was six months. 20% of our grants went to the Serving community.
  • A record-breaking income of £22.8 million allowed a 9% increase in our charitable expenditure and further replenishment of our Reserves after the need to draw on them during the Iraq and Afghan campaigns.
  • We were chosen by the Government to run the new ‘Afghanistan Fund’ which will support the families of those affected by that campaign for many years to come.
  • Named as the number one charity nationally ‘To Deliver on its Promises’ by Third Sector, the UK’s leading publication for the voluntary sector.
  • And we carried out a lot of work internally in response to recent highly critical comment on charities in general – to make sure we can continue to operate in a highly responsible and effective manner.

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