It’s back for 2017, albeit with a slightly different name but with lots more cunning obstacles to conquer! The ultimate challenge formerly known as Adrenalin Rush – a not so short, sharp, shock to the senses, guaranteed!

A choice of 5 km (£18.00) and 10 km (£26.00) off-road routes that include marsh, bog, rivers and woodland, rough hilly ground interspersed with tracks and fields, and, if that was not enough, at the end you will encounter the Krypton Factor Assault Course – 800 metres of deep mud and water between 24 plus obstacles to negotiate en-route to the finish.

The obstacles are evenly, tightly spread around the course. They are large and over half have more than one component to them, to climb, jump, wade, swing and crawl over and under. It will seem endless and you will need to dig deep and muster every bit of stamina to maintain your pace and position. The harder you push yourself, the more intense it will hurt and relief will only come when you cross the famous double Ks finish line of the Krypton Factor. This race is designed and run by ex-Parachute Regiment soldiers.


26th March 2017 | 09:00


Blacks Plantation
Aske Moor
Richmond (North Yorkshire) DL10 5EZ

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