Greta Casperson
Greta was just 19 years old, when she was called up to serve her country in 1943 and sent from her home in Yorkshire to work at Bletchley Park. She knew she was playing her part in the war effort, but the full impact of her work was kept top secret. It wasn’t until decades later that Greta understood the role she had played in helping to plan the D-Day landings, in shaping history.

I felt shocked, really shocked. I had no idea whatsoever that it was so significant. After the war I’d come home, got married and I never gave it a thought. For 30 years there was nothing said about Bletchley Park until the first book came out which my husband bought  for me. I was really amazed when I realised the importance of what I had been doing all those years ago’.


Now, 93 and living alone after the death of her husband, Denis, who had served in the Airborne Forces during World War II, she was facing winter in a freezing house with a broken boiler. Buying a replacement boiler would have cost Greta almost all her life savings which she relies upon for transport and mobility.  Funding from The Soldiers’ Charity helped to pay for a new boiler.

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